Mueller Closing In

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Well, That’s Interesting… Samhain Edition

This morning we got the first taste of Mueller’s fire. The Manafort indictment was no surprise, his partner Rick Gates, a little off the radar, but as someone who still has regular contact with team Trump (Pro-Russian Lobbyist Is Lurking Around the White House) and Manafort’s right-hand man, really no surprise. Papadopoulos, though, this one is the big news. He’s obviously flipped to the government witness side of the equation.

George Papadopoulos Stipulation and Plea Agreement

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How’s That Faith In American Democracy Going?

What a real shit show we got going on here, huh Murka? Wow. Trumpy gets the Boy Scouts to boo a former president and Secretary of State. Is there some sort of merit badge for that? Lookin’ good, Murka! Whoa, and chanting “USA! USA!” like regular full grown fascists. Very impressive. That didn’t take long.

Today we’ve got the corporate fascists continuing their never-ending effort to take healthcare away from millions, with an MVP move coming from a senator who will leave his hospital bed, where he just received top shelf, tax payer funded care, to vote to take that care away from others. Vomit inducing hypocrisy doesn’t even phase them at this point.

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Every Time You Turn Around, Trump’s Got Another Russian Dick In His Mouth

Come on, man, this is just getting unseemly now.

You proud, GOPers? This is your idea of a glorious leader? In the end the Right’s vision of a powerful, manly American leader turns out to be a worn out Russian prostitute. Ironic, right? But so, so fitting.

Sounds like Donald Trump discussed the Pee Pee Tape with Vladimir Putin during secret second G20 meeting

Mysterious 8th person at Trump Jr. meeting allegedly ran massive Russian money-laundering scheme

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Jared Kushner and the pious GOPer devils

Like many GOPers Jared Kushner is a pious, Godly man. He makes a point of advertising that he observes the shabbat. Apparently he’s also a notorious slumlord who preys on the weak and vulnerable.

The Beleaguered Tenants of ‘Kushnerville’

Jared Kushner’s Other Real Estate Empire

Poor people can’t really fight back, they can’t afford lawyers and they can’t afford to take off work for court appearances so they’re pretty easy to torment and steal from. If you don’t believe me just ask Jared, he’s a pro at it.

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10, 9, 8… KABOOM!

Daaaaaam. It’s almost as if someone wanted to scramble Donny’s head while he was on a high visibility trip overseas. There will be no hiding while he’s abroad.

This is just day one and this afternoon we learned:

Trump Reportedly Told Russians That Firing ‘Nut Job’ Comey Eased Investigation

Wow, a gratuitously nasty admission of obstruction. Nice.

Russia probe reaches current White House official, people familiar with the case say

Criminal Russia Investigation Reaches The West Wing As Trump Teeters On The Brink Of Collapse

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What Are The Odds Things Get Ugly Once Trump Is Out Of The Country?

All things considered it’s been strangely quiet today. Since moving into the trauma-zone after November 9th, quiet almost makes one as jumpy as hourly horrors and scandals.

Well, here’s an interesting theory of the Big Situation from Paribotics:

Dear Mr. Putin, Let’s Play Chess

A related opinion piece from The Hill:

Our democracy is crumbling — and Putin is smiling

It’s been quiet today, but no day is devoid of intel leaks with President Ass Clown in the White House, and in a normal world anyone of these would be the headline for days, now we consider this the background noise of a quiet day:

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Rumbling Intensifies

Even creepy, Rightwing Christo-Fascist, Erik Erikson is getting nervous.

I Know One of the Sources

If I didn’t know better I’d think even brain injured Trumpy is starting to sweat.

Trump Woke Up, Got Online, & Freaked Out About Russian Collusion Like A Guilty Criminal

Cover-Ups and Russian Financial Ties Stand Out as Trump’s Russia Scandal Keeps Getting Deeper

Find something solid to hang on as the shaking intensifies.

U.S. Marshals Ready; Plan Approve By DOJ

Even Fox News is violently rattling. And look, some of the same bad actors were at the scene of the Fox News pre-quake tremor.

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Core Shock Is Coming, Brace Yourself

There is a lot of chatter flying around that the bombs are going to begin dropping this week. The rumbling is growing louder that it’s about to start hitting the fan. And it’s big. Very big.

Here’s is just a tip of the iceberg.

Are authorities planning to move in on Donald Trump’s chumps while he’s overseas?

Trump’s Kids Now The Target Of His Investigation – Get Ready

There is more and it feels foundation-rattling-big. Be patient, but buckle up. “He dies in jail” is the end game.

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Happy Mother’s Day From The For-Profit, Dog-Eat-Dog Economy

The Intercept ran this good article today:

Mother’s Day In An ICE Detention Center

And as bad and shameful as this is, it’s actually much more wide spread. The wide scale monetization of pain and suffering is the real shameful thing here. And the first group to have their pain and suffering exploited for profit? The most vulnerable, since they are the least able to fight back, and the most vulnerable are usually the women and children. Happy Mother’s Day from the Dog-Eat-Dog economy.

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