A Night Of Hope

We needed that. Hopelessness and fear have been palpable for a year or longer now. Finally, a real and serious sign that the sane citizens of America are in this war to win it. The Huffington Post headline: The Future Fights Back, pretty much said it all.

Here’s A List Of Historic Victories Democrats Had On Election Day

Danica Roem’s win in Virginia against GOPer Bob Marshall, who called himself the “Chief Homophobe” and author of the state’s “bathroom bill”, was especially sweet since Danica Roem is a trans woman. She’s also extremely intelligent and gracious.

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What The Hell Is Going On With Robert Mercer?

There’s a storm of things going on, as usual these days. There’s indictments and mass shootings and the corrupt bombshells and capitalism’s worsening rot revealed in the Paradise Papers . There’s Trump’s Asian tour, complete with a very foul smelling Putin meeting in Vietnam.

Even in all this madness, with so many unanswered questions, the one big mystery that I would really like to know the answer to is: What the hell is going on with Robert Mercer? Without Mercer there is no Brexit, there is no Breitbart, no Bannon, and no Trump. Now he seems to be pulling out of everything, and fast. What’s up with that? Is he spooked by something? Is this a head fake? What the hell’s going on here?

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Well, That’s Interesting… Samhain Edition

This morning we got the first taste of Mueller’s fire. The Manafort indictment was no surprise, his partner Rick Gates, a little off the radar, but as someone who still has regular contact with team Trump (Pro-Russian Lobbyist Is Lurking Around the White House) and Manafort’s right-hand man, really no surprise. Papadopoulos, though, this one is the big news. He’s obviously flipped to the government witness side of the equation.

George Papadopoulos Stipulation and Plea Agreement

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Senators McCain, Corker and Flake Aren’t Helping

Senators McCain, Corker and Flake are being lauded for sounding the alarm about the obvious dangers of Trump. Former President George W. Bush, too, has sounded the alarm. If Trump is to be driven from office; if the country is to be saved; if catastrophe is going to be averted, then we will need people on the Right standing up and helping to make that happen. The problem is, as always: How the hell did someone so obviously unfit for office end up there?

How? Senators McCain, Corker and Flake, and former President Bush, all helped to make that possible. When McCain ran against Bush for the Republican nomination in 2000 and the Bush Campaign spread rumors that McCain had an interracial daughter (she’s adopted), sinking his bid in South Carolina, McCain never said, “There’s a real and dangerous racism in this party that needs to be called out.” George Bush never condemned it either. He took his win and marched on.

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America Is Doomed

America is doomed, and watching this is torturous and exhausting. Every day is a new Trumpian rabbit hole of toxic tomfoolery.  But Trump is just a symptom of the illness. Getting rid of the symptom is not a cure. It will get worse. Much worse.

What is the root cause of this madness? Why can’t we have a relatively sane, functional government? Why is it so difficult? As a nation we have a lot of serious problems to address, but really, in all honesty, which of these problems is unsolvable? Take any one of them. Take the debt; take climate change and environmental issues; take campaign finance laws; take racial inequality and tension; take any goddamn issue that we now face– None of them are beyond our ability to solve, so what’s stopping us from solving them?

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The Fascists Target LGBT For Radical Scapegoating Globally

It’s just what they do now.

Fascists can, and do, target other minority groups for abuse, but, generally, that has to be done more quietly– more ‘dog-whistley’– because of all those historical red flags. If you’re explicit with your racism or antisemitism there will be some push-back from, what passes for, the moderate Right– less and less in the age of Trump– but whoever is still left pretending to be a decent human-being on the Right, they will have to come out against you, because, you know, the whole slavery, blatantly racist past, and the holocaust, and…

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The Petty, Psychopathic Cruelty Of Trump & The GOPers

I don’t think I’m alone in this: There’s a lot of mornings now where it’s all I can do to fight back tears. It’s tough to watch your country circling the drain– run by morons and greed-heads and religious lunatics, and petty, cruel psychopaths; but that’s where we are. I know I’m not alone in seeing and understanding that.

Today Trump, the dangerous psychopath, woke up and decided to threaten the devastated US citizens of Puerto Rico, because… I don’t know, it’s Thursday and he’s not real fond of brown people?

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It’s Worker’s Party Celebration and Columbus Day!

Senator Corker is getting a lot of press for calling out Dear Leader Trump. It seems that Corker, who is Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has had an epiphany since the campaign– He’s recently realized that Trump could, you know, kill us all. It’s nice that he’s had that realization and good that he has the courage to buck his party’s president and all… only this burst of insight and bravery would have been way more helpful BEFORE THE GODDAMN ELECTION.

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American Cyber Jackassery

So, here’s a funny story: An NSA employee takes home highly classified documents about America’s offensive cyber tools, and, actually you can stop right there because–Wow… but okay… Then he loads up the document on his home computer– Again, f*cking WOW! but okay– His home computer is ‘protected’ by Kaspersky anti-virus software so it’s all good, right?

Kaspersky cyber security company was founded by Yevgeny Kaspersky, who, as a completely unrelated aside, is a former Russian Intelligence Officer. Oh, and spoiler alert: There is no such thing as a ‘Former Russian Intelligence Officer.’ Oopsie.

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“Thoughts and Prayers”

“Thoughts and prayers” are falling like an avalanche from GOPer land. The “thoughts and prayers” of the gun apologists are pure mockery.

Naturally the GOPers don’t want to talk gun policy right now, or ever. ‘Too soon”.

Sarah Sanders Dismisses Calls for Gun Control: ‘Premature for Us to Discuss Policy’

If it’s too soon to talk about the Vegas mass shooting maybe it’s been long enough so we could talk about the Pulse Night Club shooting, or Sandy Hook? Oh, no, we can’t do that…

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