The Tar Pit Of Tech Monopolies And Wealth Dynasties


If the Democrats would like to try being proactive for a change of pace they could begin (yesterday) in staking out a position against monopolies, massive tech corporations, and allowing dynasties of wealth to suck us down into the tar pit of serfdom. These concentrations of money and power are becoming more and more dangerous.

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In the mean time it would probably be a good idea to stay away from the tar pit as much as possible. You should leave Facebook stat. Swearing off Amazon is hard but concerned citizens should try to cut it down to a bare minimum. The same with Google.

Maybe groups will form to put together non-profit versions of these things since the U.S. is without a competent, functioning government for the people at the moment.

by Lance Akamai

Also check out the HowNow PAC at HowNow PAC



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