Capitalism Is Toast — BS degree, $50K in debt and a $15/hr job, oh, and the tap water is poison

It’s crumbling. You know it in your heart. As Richard Wolff remarks in the below podcast, ‘Capitalism had a good run’, but it’s just about over now. Capitalism is taking us down a path of human suffering and environmental havoc on the express route now. Time to seriously think about what comes next. The podcast below is definitely worth your time. Listen to in while you’re commuting:

Capitalism vs. Socialism: Richard Wolff

Profit first, before all else, is making our lives miserable and will kill our children. Capitalism has become a form of rabies.

Plastic fibres found in tap water around the world, study reveals

Big Oil must pay for climate change. Now we can calculate how much

Only the rich are getting any real benefit from the current system, if you could call it that, since they become less human every day.

Nashville woman shot homeless man who asked her to move her Porsche — then left him to die: police

And they are tearing through resources and spewing out pollution at obscene rates:

World’s richest 10% produce half of carbon emissions while poorest 3.5 billion account for just a tenth

They need to be rounded up and quarantined for crimes against humanity and earth, but either way, and in the meantime, the current system is creaking and groaning and smoking and rattling. It won’t be long, so begin thinking now about what comes next.

With a more equitable system built on a foundation of well being, for humans and the planet; and a smaller human population, the future could be very bright indeed.

The Climate Engineers Sucking CO₂ From the Atmosphere—and Making Money Doing It


by Molly Morrow

Molly also works for HowNow PAC, check them out at: HowNow PAC


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