Yandex Tracking Code

Kind of creepy. Seeing the Russian search engine/data company tracking code on a website may make you decide to stay the hell away from that site. Yandex code is popping up in the strangest places suddenly.

Investigators search Ukrainian offices of Russia’s Yandex

What’s the Deal With Breitbart News and Yandex? Israel? Nothing?

FBI’s Russia Probe Looks At Right Wing Sites, Breitbart, InfoWars

The Russian data, tech and media game is strong. Very. This really was an act of war. The West writ large is going to have to come up with a strong response to these cyber/info war-level attacks, soon.

Election Hackers Altered Voter Rolls, Stole Private Data, Officials Say

Sputnik, The Russian News Agency, Is Under Investigation By The FBI

And since the US is a world power zombie right now, under Trump, the leadership to figure out how to crack the Russians upside the head will fall to others.

Germany is expecting Russia to try and influence its general election

Exclusive: Trump’s ‘big data’ consultant to meet Australian government

You know… Just a thought, but it might be a great time for there to be international law against attacking under country’s election processes. The US has been guilty of this sort of thing in the past: Operation Condor in South America; installing of the Shah of Iran in the 50’s (That’s why they still yell “Death to America”, BTW); even the Vietnam War could fall into that category.  We really might want to think about staying out of other people’s election processes in the future and come up with a serious way to deal with attacks on our own system.

Definitely that is not going to be happening under a Trump Administration, and probably not under any GOPer administration, since they have a hard-on for the religious-authoritarianism of Putin, but, stick a pin in it for saner days. In the meantime, if you notice or hear that a site has Yandex tracking code on it– run, don’t walk, away from the site.


by Molly Morrow

Molly also works for HowNow PAC, check them out at HowNow PAC


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