The Black Bloc

With the ‘American situation’ growing more extreme and desperate; and with the recent Russian and American Right attack on the so-called antifa, I thought it would be a good idea to review the American far Left, because we’ll definitely be seeing more of them. And although I’ve stated our position on it in the past, we’ll re-state it.

First of all, the Leftist who wear all black do so as a tactic they learned from their European cousins. It’s a protest tactic that makes them harder for the authorities to identify– it’s a tactic, not an organization identifier. So, for example, you may well see anti-globalists anarchists wearing all black; you may see antifa, or anti-fascists, wearing all black, you may see Anonymous, the hacker group, wearing all black. The all black uniform is a tactic usually employed by the far or militant left.

What Is Black Bloc? Why Do Activists Wear Masks?

Black Bloc: A Brief History

The Black Bloc in America has a long history, and as I’ve said before, I have deep sympathies and connections to the Black Bloc. I differ from the Black Bloc only in that I think, at the moment, the violence is counter-productive, although the leaders in antifa have made excellent arguments in favor of violence, militancy and physical confrontation recently. There is no doubt that when the so-called “free speech” Right Wingers show up that they are looking for violence and trying to provoke and intimidate, so when antifa shows up and stares them down, and fights back, it does send an important message that the, generally, White Nationalists, will not get a free pass, they will be physically challenged. It’s an argument that I will not contest. Additionally, they have, recently, saved the pacifist Left from being mauled by the White Nationalists.

A pacifist minister reflects on the antifa who protected protesters from Charlottesville’s armed Nazis

I’ll say it again: I think we’re at a dangerous moment here and I’m inclined to move forward with real caution. If or when violence starts I would like to have the unambiguous moral high ground, although I completely understand antifa’s position. In the end I think it would be better for antifa and the rest of the Black Bloc to continue to protest and counter-protest, but in a more defensive posture, more as security for the, sort of, general admission counter-protesters. Instigation and provocations can only hurt the Left right now.


by Molly Morrow

Molly also works for the political action committee HowNow. Vist them at: HowNow

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