White Nationalist Fever Dreams, Hurricanes And Rabid Lunacy

The DACA (Deferred Action for Children Arrivals) repeal is on our doorstep. A pure, cruel bone thrown to the GOPer’s White Nationalist base.  Slate’s Jamelle Bouie is right, I think, that the GOP is largely the party of the racist, but there’s another, powerful wing of the party: The Money Worshipers, and their goals are different from he racists, so there very well could be war. Just remember– Neither wing of the party is a friend to the Left. In fact the Money Worshipers arguably do as much racial harm as the outright racists.

White Elephant

Both North Korea and Irma are blasting towards the US Mainland. It would be nice to have a rational, competent government in place right now, but no such luck.

Vladimir Putin warns world faces ‘global catastrophe’ over North Korea

N. Korea believed to be moving intercontinental missile, Seoul lawmaker says

Hurricane Irma is a ‘potentially catastrophic’ Category 5 storm

Well, at least the the US government will continue to function on some basic level. Right?

The bleak reason why America is always on the verge of a government shutdown

Trump’s Pick To Head NASA Doesn’t Believe Humans Cause Climate Change

Trump’s new drug czar nominee once said drug users belong in a “hospital-slash-prison”

Our old friend Robert Mercer and his Cambridge Analytica are back in the news causing division and destabilization around the globe.  The Supreme Court in Kenya recently voided the Kenya election because of Cambridge Analytica’s perverting their results. Turns out Kenya may have a more honest democratic system than the US right now.

And here’s an excellent, if disturbing, video about Cambridge Analytica’s perverting of our election, with the help of Facebook and Google. Nice job, guys. Leave Facebook now, if you know what’s good for you, and try DuckDuckGo for a search engine. I promise you, the big money boys are not your friends.


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