Guerilla Cyber War

I have watched 4chan work in real time on open source insurgency operations. They are impressive. But all sides have become good at these operations now.

A signature tactic in the new conflict, honed on sites like 4chan and 8chan, is forensic analysis of digital imagery and geospatial data—fields specialized enough to have their own acronyms, IMINT and GEOINT, in military jargon.

Here’s an excellent article from Vice by Jacob Siegel about this new warfare frontier.

The Alt-Right and Antifa Are Waging a New Kind of Internet Warfare

And here’s an insightful piece from The Guardian by Shaun Walker about a Russian troll barracks, where a foot soldier troll works 12 hour days and makes 45,000 roubles ($790) a month:

Salutin’ Putin: inside a Russian troll house

Twitter has turned into a kind of free fire zone battlefield.

How a Bot Army Probably Got Me Kicked Off Twitter

The war has already begun in cyberspace, it’s spilling out into the streets more and more, but the fighting is well underway on the net.

Russian Hackers May Have Affected US Vote Counts

Russia’s propaganda machine amplifies alt-right

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