Truth Is The Breakfast Of Champions

I’m sounding more like a prophet of doom everyday. But I’m not alone and I have to call them the way I see them. Civil destabilization, violence, war, environmental or economic collapse– they’re all running neck and neck at the moment, as best I can figure, but it sure looks like one of those is coming at us sooner rather than later.

I’m just going to keep cataloguing the ‘signs and wonders’, as I’m able at this surreal pace, but also offer what ever upside I can. That’s what’s happening going forward here.

I keep saying– Let’s not panic. Try to think about what we can do, and what we might be able to build on the ruins. And be kind and help each other in the meantime, but this is looking, to me anyway, like it ends in a serious train wreck.

On the destabilization front:

Putin Trying To Incite Civil War

Rush Limbaugh says white supremacists and the KKK ‘are not the problem,’ warns of second civil war

The Spread of White Nationalism Is Taking Our Nation into Uncharted and Dangerous Territory

Behind the political warfare in the US: Rising fears of financial collapse, social unrest

Trump takes potshots at GOP leaders as fiscal crisis looms

The corporate personhood myth, dog-eat-dog capitalism and the wealth inequality that it has given rise to, continues to add to the destabilizing factors.

There’s a rush to turn the public and protected places into yet more wealth for the richest.

Interior Secretary Zinke’s review may be recommending a 90% cut in Bears Ears Nat’l Monument acreage

The obscenely rich appear to be brain-numbed and oblivious to the warning sirens that are beginning to go off. Worried about catastrophe? Who can see catastrophe when you’re watching the solar eclipse from the top of the U.S. gold reserves at Fort Knox?

Mnuchin watched the eclipse from the roof of Fort Knox on his definitely not personal trip to Kentucky

And, naturally, since it’s Friday and a massive hurricane is about to make landfall in Texas, Trump needed to sign a transgender military ban, Fire Nazi Sebastian Gorka, and pardon proud racial profiler and convicted criminal Joe Arpaio. Naturally.

Hurricane Harvey Strengthens to Category 4, Hurtles Toward Texas

Trump signs transgender military ban

Sebastian Gorka gone from White House

Ana Navarro Rips Arpaio Pardon: A ‘Slap in the Face to the Latino Community’

Stay in the light and meditate on what victory looks like, Sisters and Brothers

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