Destabilized America Roundup

Here’s an excellent piece on insane billionaire Robert Mercer and his ties to the Russians. What do the Russians want out of this attack of theirs? Destabilization. Period. Mercer wants the same thing for different reasons but that is the goal of all the major players in this horror movie.

Politics Of Greed

The increasing power of the fictional “corporate persons” are actively aiding the cause.

Trump’s day of doom for national monuments approaches

The Noxious Combination of Racism, the Alt Right and the Upper Class

If you think I’m being alarmist, The U.N. just issued a warning about the U.S. It’s the kind of warning they usually issue before things turn ugly in failing states:

UN racism committee issues ‘warning’ over US tensions

Trump’s violent racism disgraces America, earns rare “early warning” from United Nations

Armed man slashes tarp on Charlottesville monument and says Heather Heyer died ‘playing in traffic’

And even if, or when, we get rid of Trump, this thing is far from over. The GOPers are determined to turn whatever’s left into a post-industrial serfdom. This is the well rehearsed, practiced-in-front-of-a-mirror, weak-sauce drivel Ryan told a nun at a televised town hall:

Hot Topic Paul Ryan Lies to Nun’s Face About Poverty, Gets Instantly Booed On Stage

It would be good if Ryan’s wife and daughters had to work 60 hours a week at a minimum wage slave job and live in a van because they couldn’t afford rent, and while they were drifting off to sleep, beat down and exhausted, Ryan’s words were pumped in on a never ending loop for them, so they could understand poverty in America.

Fran works six days a week in fast food, and yet she’s homeless: ‘It’s economic slavery’

Stay in the light, Sisters and Brothers.

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