Destabilization Is The Goal Of ‘The Bannon Wing’



He came up with his con at college. The con was that he, Steve Bannon, was a genius political thinker.

But cons always have a hidden agenda: they want your money, your power– Or, better yet: everything you have and are. Con’s, really, are looking for pieces of your soul. Weak spots in your spirit. The ambitious types want the whole thing. That’s the pot of gold. You believe that they really are the super genius, prophet, they sold you, if you believe that, they got it. All cons want you to believe that at some level. That’s the golden gold, the Con’s American Dream.

And Bannon has that right now. There is a good chunk of the Republican Party that believes fully in the Bannon con.

Bannon himself has long forgotten that this is all a con. And this is where your con artist becomes weapons grade.

Bannon’s far into believing his own deluded con.  This is exactly where they turn into your Jim Jones’ and David Koresh’s, and your Charles Manson’s and L Ron Hubbards– This is when they become a threat with a blast radius.

Bannon absolutely believes the hodge-podge garbage quilt of discredited, debunked, weak-minded fairy tales for quasi-intellectuals he believes (by the way, this is also why Bannon needs characters like Gorka and Miller hanging around, and there’s no shortage of them).  But Bannon’s not dangerous because he believes what he believes. He’s not even dangerous because what he believes will, with mathematical certainty, lead to unrest and destabilization. — No, he’s dangerous because that’s Steve Bannon’s goal. That’s the prize. Destabilization is the pot of gold. And you have to give him credit– he’s been extremely effective at forwarding that goal since January 20th. There’s no arguing. The country is shell-shocked and anxious, on the quiet days, and there’s precious few of those.

Bannon wants to destabilize everything.

Why? Because the best idea super genius Steve Bannon could come up with was…. Shake The Shit Up Real Hard And See What Happens (and hopefully it comes out looking something like National Socialism).

Really, that’s his big plan. For America and The World beyond. If you doubt that is his goal, I don’t blame you. It’s outrageous and vile, but that is his goal. Old dude believes he is a destroyer of evil. Consider: he’s priming his people for it right now. If I’m hearing this right, the drumbeat on the– let’s call it the ‘Bannon Wing of the Party’– the drumbeat from Limbaugh, to Daily Caller, to Info Wars, and 4chan, and beyond, is clear and simple and constant: Arm yourselves, Organize, and Be Ready.

One of the favorite memes on 4chan is: “It’s Happening!”

For all the hype and drama about Bannon’s departure from the White House, Bannon and his allies have already been wildly successful at the destabilization game. I have a feeling that’s exactly what Bannon told Robert Mercer during their little five hour meeting after Bannon left the White House, “We’ve been wildly successful”.

I’d be willing to bet that that was his lead-off point to Mercer. Mercer wants destabilization as much as Bannon. For different, even more disturbing reasons, but I believe that’s what the insane billionaire wants. I’m pretty sure I’m in the safe zone saying Robert Mercer is a completely insane billionaire. I wouldn’t be afraid if that argument had to be made convincingly in court either.– but he’s not dumb. Mercer actually is a certified genius.  In his way. Math, algorithms, self-learning software– that’s his general area of genius. No, he’s definitely not dumb. Crazy, but not dumb. And he fully supports Bannon. Bannon is his patron saint of chaos and destabilization. Mercer writes checks to Bannon at a rate of tens of millions a pop. He’s a true believe. In his deepest heart.

Donald Trump is a lot of vile things, but when that long list is drawn up– don’t forget to write: “World Class Con Artist”, because he is. He’s rough and clownish and animistic– in the worse possible meaning of that– which is undoubtedly why the Russians played him so easily and thoroughly; but he’s conned a hell of a lot of people. Don’s a low class hustler who’s been way out of his league for a long time. He was an easy mark for the real pros, like the Russians, and the criminally insane. A low-class con, but millions and millions have fallen for it. The guy is, in a twisted way, at the top of his field. But he was seriously out-classed this time. Bannon conned Trump. I think Donald knows that now.

And even though Donald likes to play Tough Guy, he’s shear terrified of Steve Bannon. More than he’s afraid of Mueller, I think. Donald can smell the heavy danger pheromone wafting off Bannon. Donald can taste it, way, way up in his feral nostrils, way up there where they connect to his little feral lizard brain, he smells that smell and he is afraid. Terrified.

But Fuck Donald Trump. At this point who cares what monster devours him? I have a feeling Donald Trump will be the least of our problems soon enough.

If you’re a regular American right now this is a moment of terrifying night.

But have a cup of tea and meditate for a minute. The absolute, most important thing right now is to just be on the right side of this horror show. If you’re starting there then you should try to relax, because, know this– win, lose or draw you are an inheritor of Light, the Valhalla bound, a child of God. Strengthen yourself and be at peace. Win, lose or draw everyone is about to know who the real patriots are.

Have a cup of tea and strengthen yourself, and stay in the light, for the love of God, do that.

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