Nope, You’re Not Going Crazy– This is All Completely Insane

I’ve noticed, since this nightmare began seven or eight months ago, that strong, intelligent people who I have great respect for are, periodically, breaking down. I’ve seen it. If that sort of thing is happening to you– don’t panic. You’re not alone. In fact, at this point it seems to be a sign of sanity, decency and humanity. I’d be more worried if we weren’t having periodic emotional collapses. But we’ve got to keep it together. Double Down Don and his GOP toads are not going to go gently into that good night.

We, and many others, have been making the point that White Supremacy is American as apple pie, and at this point in history the racists are a structural part of the GOP. Lawrence Lewis makes the point artfully and with good sourcing.

If Republicans don’t like being called racsists…

Rachel Maddow does her usual full deep dig. Both videos are worth watching. The second one ties right into Trump’s father. Highly recommended.

Maddow: Racism ‘a persistent infection’ in white American culture

Donald Trump remarks aid white supremacists’ political ambitions


And Trump and the Republicans have been working to empower the White Supremacists in other, quieter ways. Like ignoring warnings:

FBI and DHS Warned Of Growing Treat From White Supremacists Months Ago

And defunding programs that target Supremacists:

Trump cuts funds to fight anti-right wing violence

Controversial Trump Aide Katharine Gorka Helped End Funding For Group That Fights White Supremacy

The Right Media has, obviously, been aiding the empowering of the racists:

Fox News, Daily Caller delete posts encouraging people to drive through protests

Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller, especially, looks to have a real affection for the Supremacists:

The Daily Caller has a White Nationalist Problem

Meanwhile, one click Right on the dial, at the Daily Stormer– they’ve been banished to the Dark Net with a server in… wait for it… Russia.

The Daily Stormer Shafted By .Wang

Guess What Country That White Nationalist Website Moved To?

There’s been some discussion on the Left about where the bottom of Trump’s hardcore support really is. Mid teens? High 20’s? Here’s a piece that gives us a clue.

A Stomach-Turning Percentage of Republicans Agree with Trump’s Handling of Charlottesville

This all brings to mind a bunch of troubling possibilities. Here’s one:

What would a new US civil war be like?

Keep in mind, this is all happening against the backdrop of extreme economic inequality and political dysfunction that’s due in large part to money overwhelming our political system.

This Country Is Rigged in 1,000 Directions to Protect the Wealthiest—Including the Idea That Most People ‘Earned’ Their Way to the Top

Jimmy Carter: The US Is An Oligarchy

Don’t lose hope. Be kind, especially to those who are struggling with this madness, and Stay in the light, Sisters and Brothers.

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Bayrock was “covertly mob-owned and operated,” “backed by oligarchs and money they stole from the Russian people,” and “engaged in the businesses of financial-institution fraud, tax fraud, partnership fraud, human trafficking, child prostitution, statutory rape, and, on occasion, real estate.”Nope,

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