Reichstag Fire Countdown…

The scapegoating of brown, black, muslim, and LGBT people– we’re pretty far down that path.

Yesterday when CNN’s Acosta asked Trump about the violence in Charlottesville, Trump called him “fake news” and walked out. The ‘fake news’ campaign to undermine the press has been going on for a long time but it looks like it’s reaching a new, more brazen level.

Trump to CNN’s Jim Acosta: You’re fake news

So, attacking the ‘fake news’ or ‘lying press’, lugenpresse as they used to say in Germany– yep, we’re pretty far along on that one.

The ugly history of ‘Lügenpresse,’ a Nazi slur shouted at a Trump rally

Even weaselly Pence is in on this ugly anti-press push in his usual weaselly, mealy-mouthed way.

Pence Defends Trump From Critics of Charlottesville Remarks

And while we’re on the Trump regime’s moves to clamp down on freedom of expression– they are making other frightening moves:

In Terrifying Move, DOJ Secures Warrant to Get Info on More Than Million Anti-Trumpers

I would suggest that all people fighting this fight become acquainted with TorBrowser and VPN pretty quick.

So, do Trump and his GOPer toads have some kind of paramilitary organization that’s loyal to him and them? Some kind of Brownshirts or, Sturmabteilung, again, as they used to call them in Germany?

Why yes, yes they do.

No real surprise that Double-Down Don didn’t retreat from his tacit support of the violent white nationalists. Not really. It was still shocking to see. As a country I don’t think we’re used to this kind of brazen, in your face, nazi reach around. That’s a real shock to the system no matter how unsurprising it should be.

But what’s next?

Trump and his toads seem to be running down the 1930’s Germany checklist at break neck speed, so, that makes a Reichstag fire-like event the high odds bet at this point. Some kind of big crisis event that’s used to clamp down on civil liberties and consolidate power. Yea, that looks to be the next move.

Add to that that Mueller appears to be closing in on Trump fast from multiple directions.


And we’ve seen again and again that Trump doesn’t back down, he doubles down. We’ve seen him rattle nuclear sabers and drop the MOAB for no good reason other than to distract. So, I don’t think a Reichstag fire type event is a long odds call at all. I’d be ready for it.

Trump asks why ‘alt-left’ not being blamed for Charlottesville violence

Trump defends white supremacist

Donald Trump Is Having A Bad Twitter Day

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