You Really Want To Fight Nazis?

It’s true, we’ve got proud, swastika toting nazis marching down American streets right now. Let’s be honest, though, these guys found their voice and courage to come out into the light as a reaction to our first African-American president. It seems like a lot of the Republican’s gains were due to white reaction to the changing demographics of America. They are extremely dangerous and violent, and in all likelihood will become more so, especially if Trump is removed from office.

In May, Jeremy Christian, a man known in Portland, Oregon as a vocal Right Wing ‘nazi’ protester, stabbed two men to death on a Portland train. The two men had come to the aid of two women of color Christian was threatening. It’s safe to call Christian a nazi and a racist. He was dangerous and extremely violent. Jeremy Christian’s days as an effective nazi racist are now over. He’ll spend the rest of his life in an Oregon prison.

Alex Fields is probably not going to be able to harm anyone else. His days of being something like an effective nazi are probably over.

Jeff Sessions, on the other hand, Jeff Sessions, has been a very effective white nationalist for his whole adult life. After the violence in Charlottesville he issued a bland statement denouncing the racists and then, it seemed, hesitantly, announced a federal investigation, and he was praised by the media for it. Trump gave him and other Republicans pretty good cover on the situation by setting the bar stunningly low. By comparison to the president Sessions looked good. He said the right things. But make no mistake, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a much greater threat to American democracy and racial justice and equality than Alex Fields could ever have been.

Martin Luther King’s widow fought against Jeff Sessions being appointed to the federal bench in 1986 for good reason. Jeff Sessions threw black civil rights attorneys in jail during the civil rights struggles.

1986 letter from MLK’s widow opposing Sessions resurfaces

Jeff Sessions is now Attorney General and he is actively moving the cause of white nationalism forward. He has spent his life making it hard for people of color to vote. It’s really that cut and dried. Alex Fields could never do that.

Jeff Sessions Calls Voting Rights Act ‘Intrusive’

Subtly, with carefully parsed language, and with the patient determination of a life-long passion, he has been marching for white nationalism more effectively than any of the murderous neanderthals now spilling blood on American streets.

How many black men did Jeremy Christian lock up in cages? Absolutely none. Jeff Sessions has endorsed, pushed and voted for the wholesale caging-up of generations of black men. And he continues to do so with new-found power.

Sessions moves to lengthen drug sentences

And Jeff Sessions is in no way alone in the GOP. Making statements denouncing violent white nationalists while at the same time supporting, what amounts to, white nationalist goals has been the way of the GOP for a long, long time.

If you want to fight nazis, white nationalists and bigots– look no further than the Republican Party. Not all Republicans are nazis, but all nazis are Republicans.




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