Let’s Play ‘The Game’

This kind of speculation can get you into trouble, but it’s probably worth trying to game this thing out a bit just to get a rough idea of what the terrain is like up ahead.

Now we know that the Mueller investigation is further along and widening  out more than we might have previously guessed.

White House as crime scene: how Robert Mueller is closing in on Trump

Exclusive: top FBI officials could testify against Trump

Flynn looks to have his ass in a serious sling here. You have to wonder what the hell the guy was thinking. Not only that, but our old friend Robert Mercer and his creepy as hell Cambridge Analytica company is right back in the thick of bad acts, yet again.

APNewsBreak: Flynn details tie to data firm, transition pay

Flynn may well have already flipped. Or may be about to.

And judging by the team of financial crimes prosecutors; organized crime prosecutors who specialize in flipping defendants, and former FBI agents that Mueller has assembled– I’d say Team Trumpy is heavily out-classed.

Mueller’s all-star legal team in Russia probe signals direction of investigation


I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Trumpy’s close family and friends begin finding themselves served in the not too distant future. Junior should be worried. Kushner should be pissing himself. Ivanka should just leave the country and never look back. After that, it’s anybody’s guess where we go from there.

What will an enraged and mental case Trumpy do? What will his rabid zombie supporters do? What will the Russians do?

It’s interesting and important to note at this point that Russians and the Rightwing Trump base are on the same page. They are one unit. Look how McMaster has earned the contempt of the hard Right, and Moscow:

Right-wing media and Russian bots unite to target Trump’s national security adviser

The Kremlin Appears to be Aiding Trump’s Smear Campaign Against H.R. McMaster

And anything that obfuscates the Mueller probe– the Right and the Russians join hands and go to work:

BUSTED: Russian propaganda site pushed reporter to cover bogus Hannity-White House conspiracy theory

So what will the hard zombie Right and Russians do if it looks like the Trump Administration is about to go down?

The way-out Right has been calling for violence, and the one-click-off completely insane Right has been hinting at it.


A recent tweet by Trump buddy Roger Stone was to the point:

“Mueller plans a take down of @RealDonaldTrump based on trumped up charges but sadly will only begat extreme violence and his own take down” (emphasis mine).

Trump himself seems to be stoking the resentment. In his recent speech in West Virginia to dead end supporters he seemed to be saying that if the Mueller probe ends his administration “they” will be cheating you.

“They (Democrats) can’t beat us at the voting booths so they are trying to cheat you out of the … future that you want. They are trying to cheat you out of the leadership you want with a fake story that is demeaning to all of us and most importantly demeaning to our country and demeaning to our Constitution.”

Subtle and incendiary. And not the sentiments of an innocent man.

Trump at West Virginia Rally: ‘We Didn’t Win Because of Russia’

So, Trump starts going down and the Right/Russians do what? I think the best case scenario is scattered violence with a chance of complete meltdown. The Russians and the less extreme Right will actively fan the flames if violence starts.

Worse case scenario? Trump declares himself emperor or stages a Reichstag fire, or goes the Saturday Night Massacre route and then actively enlists the militant Right and Russians.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Siberia:

Vladimir Putin boats, sunbathes and picks mushrooms in his Russian vacation photos

Oh, and by the way, I doubt Pence is an easy shoe-in for a peaceful transfer of power. Keep in mind: He led the Trump Transition Team, so he almost certainly had to know, at least some of Flynn’s foreign entanglements. He lied about that. He also lied to the press about Trump campaign contacts with Russians. Why? And another thing, Paul Manafort installed Pence as VP and Manafort is up to eyes in dirty Russian contacts. Again, why? Why did Putin stooge Manafort want Pence as VP?

Manafort made Pence VP, they talked regularly during the transition


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