Brace Yourself, Kiddo

Right now I wouldn’t even bother with the small stuff like the ridiculously dishonest and dysfunctional White House; the open gas lighting of Fox News, or any of the other daily drama. Shit looks to be about to get real heavy up in here.

Brace yourselves.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Reportedly Assembles Grand Jury, Ramping Up Russia Probe

With A Grand Jury In Place, Rumors Rise Of Potential Mueller Firing

Projection has been Trumpy’s tell since his father started smacking his dense ass around:

Trump Calls For ‘Prosecutors’ to Investigate Hillary Prompting ‘Lock Her Up’ Chant

Even the Rightwing stooges are bracing for impact.

Krauthammer on Grand Jury: ‘At Some Point, We Could Come to a Crisis’

Schmidt’s no stooge and he’s been saying this for some time, but he’s smashed the glass now:

Steve Schmidt Delivers Scorching Trump Criticism: White House is ‘In a State of Meltdown’

Brace yourselves, Sisters and Brothers.

/ AFP PHOTO / FEDERICO PARRA (Photo credit should read FEDERICO PARRA/AFP/Getty Images)
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