It’s Only Wednesday

Big lies, small lies. Trumpy is an unmitigated lie machine.

Trump says Boy Scouts thanked him for ‘greatest’ Jamboree speech, but group unaware of that conversation

Mexico denies president called Trump to compliment immigration policy

Fox News State TV looks like it’s got caught in a full blown bullshit tornado. Oh, and Trumpy may have put himself right into the middle of it, probably after he got done dictating junior’s lie statement about his meeting with Russian operatives:

WATCH: Man at center of Fox lawsuit says Trump insisted bogus story include fake quotes on Seth Rich

Lawsuit: Fox coordinated with White House on false story


The Ruskies really are becoming the mother ship for Rightwing knuckle draggers the white world over:

Russian Extremists Are Training Right-Wing Terrorists From Western Europe

“The focus of Partisan”, its website says, is to prepare civilians for “the collapse of civilization.”

In sane news, civilians are joining forces and tracking and fighting back against the global illiberal Russian push:

New website aims to track Russian-backed propaganda on Twitter

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