No Fun Club: Moochie’s Out And Web Oppression’s In

Moochie, we hardly knew ya.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny: Sources Claim Scaramucci Was Escorted Off the White House Property

Governmental restricting and controlling of the web is quickening. What will you do when it comes to us? Closing down VPN’s (virtual private networks) seems to be the Autocrat’s new favorite way to shut down the open web.

Welcome to Xi’s Net: Where Politics, Porn and Pooh Are Forbidden

Apple kowtows to China, pulls some VPN apps from Chinese App Store

Putin bans VPNs to stop Russians accessing prohibited websites

Watch for a VPN ban here on some kind of security grounds.

Also, in other cyber news– The Brits are going there on the cyber warfare front:

Russia’s meddling in US election could be ‘act of aggression’, says Nato commander

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