FYI: We Are At War

We are at war. It’s war all around us.

It’s cold comfort that the Rightwing Zombies are shooting at each other. Trumpy seems to want to gain some cred with the uber Right knuckle-draggers before he takes the axe to Sessions (the knuckle-draggers love Sessions because he’s a high ranking bigot), and, of course, Trumpy wants to fire AG Sessions so he can install a shill who will fire Special Investigator Mueller. Got all that? So, to gain respect with the drooling racists (i.e. “Christians”) he can kick trans people. Easy enough. Plus there’s rumors this also helps him get some kind of border wall fence votes out of pious bigots in the congress. It’s a two-for: turns out good old fashion Christian cruelty is a very lucrative game these days.

Trump announces that he will ban transgender people from serving in the military

Meanwhile Sessions seems to be upping the ante by saying LGBT people can be legally discriminated against. It’s like an arms race of cruelty.

The Justice Department Just Argued Against Gay Rights In A Major Federal Case

Sessions started the Rightwing Christian Cruelty Battle with this opening salvo:

Sessions announces plan to strip sanctuary cities of federal funds

You see, if Trumpy fires Sessions then the Christians will howl because Sessions really, really hates brown people and queers, and that’s what Jesus wants. But now Trumpy is going punch for punch with him. And who knows where it ends; how low they’ll go. Who knows?

Oh yea, if you didn’t get the memo: We are at war. Full and total war.

I trust you’re in fighting trim and armed to the teeth.

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