How’s That Faith In American Democracy Going?

What a real shit show we got going on here, huh Murka? Wow. Trumpy gets the Boy Scouts to boo a former president and Secretary of State. Is there some sort of merit badge for that? Lookin’ good, Murka! Whoa, and chanting “USA! USA!” like regular full grown fascists. Very impressive. That didn’t take long.

Today we’ve got the corporate fascists continuing their never-ending effort to take healthcare away from millions, with an MVP move coming from a senator who will leave his hospital bed, where he just received top shelf, tax payer funded care, to vote to take that care away from others. Vomit inducing hypocrisy doesn’t even phase them at this point.

And the steadily boiling Russiagate scandal just keeps heating up. So, do you root for the racist Jeff Sessions to stay on as AG so the Mueller Investigation continues? And how about that new FBI Director appointee whose previous gig was shady legal talent for land-whale Chris Christy?

New facts uncovered about Trump FBI pick, confirmation vote looms

All this is what happens when nothing is sacred. Everything is a commodity. Everything and everyone can be bought and sold. Children, boy scouts, healthcare, justice, the truth– all commodities for sale.

Decide what is sacred to you, sisters and brothers, if you don’t already know.

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