America, The Bad Reality TV Show

Will the sneaky, bumbling, idiotic congressman Nunes  succeed in protecting his Russian sponsors and handlers?

Top Intel Dem: Devin Nunes ‘Requiring Sign off’ On Russia Probe Subpoenas

Will the US government fire Fox News as it’s official propaganda organ in favor of Alex Jones’ InfoWars?

Trump Campaign Sends Email Linking to InfoWars Article Touting Support for Paris Accord Withdrawal

Will pathetic and psychotic Clown in Chief Trumpy cause a global environmental catastrophe before he launches World War 3?

Who will be scapegoated worse: The LGBT community, Latinos, African Americans or Muslims?

Two Anti-Gay Attacks Occur in New York City Just Days Apart

Did Trump’s Toxic Message of Hate Incite the White Extremist Who Killed Two Bystanders in Portland?

These questions and many more will be answered in the upcoming episodes of America’s Mental Breakdown– Long Time Coming. It’s must watch reality TV.

Actually the show sucks, but nothing else is on.


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