America Is Disintegrating Before Our Eyes– Covfefe Round-Up

The fact that 40% of the country and half of the political power in America seems to be onboard with the current suicidal madness is a very, very bad sign. Let’s face it– the current national government is, absolutely, an enemy of the average American citizen. They are not working for you. The White House is a den of vipers who appear to be only in it for the money and they really don’t care what effect that has on you and your family.

You ever notice how the Fox News crowd loves to demonize the poor and claim that they are constantly gaming the system? Maybe the Righties are just upset that the poor aren’t able to do it on the sheer scale that the rich do it. The rich Righties are gaming the system to literal death.

Jared Kushner built luxury condos using real estate grants meant for poor communities: report

Luxury condos in Jersey built with tax cuts for low income housing to “disappeared” human rights activists looking into Ivanka’s shoe factories in China. They are shamelessly stealing and killing everything that within reach.

Chinese Activists Probing Ivanka Trump’s Factories Have Gone Missing

Hell, even the extended family is getting in on the grift.

BUSTED: Even Jared Kushner’s uncle is using Trump to hawk real estate to Chinese investors

You can’t even trust the congress to act in the basic best interest of the country.

Devin Nunes to Step Aside From House Investigation on Russia

Faith in the justice system? Not in a long time, but we’ve reached critical mass levels of lack of faith.

Jeff Sessions is in deep trouble, and here’s why

The Righties aren’t even offended by any of this. But they are offended.

CNN fires Kathy Griffin over offensive Donald Trump photo

Constantly offended. Personally, the only thing I find offensive about Griffin’s picture is that it’s photoshopped. But the same Righties who wail about a picture of a beheaded Trump were very cool with Ted Nugent threatening Obama.

Quote of the Day: Ted Nugent Threatens Barack Obama

Information, media, that is where one of the main battlefields is right now. And the government bent on destroying what’s left of America is going right at the free press.

The government is spying on journalists

And the Russian twitter bots are storming social media while the Right greets them as calvary.

Almost half of Trump’s Twitter followers appear to be fake

Sunday protest are scheduled across the country. In some places, like Portland, Oregon, the armed Righties will be there looking to extend the the fight into a physical battle.

It’s plain as the rising sun– America is disintegrating before our eyes.

I don’t say this to be cynical or to make anyone feel hopeless but because it’s obviously the truth. Besides, no matter what happens it will be important what side of this every person chooses to be on. And what we do. What we do is vital.

Also, it might be a good time to start imagining and meditating on what we want to rebuild after the disintegration of America. Remember how the Arab Spring was so full of promise in the beginning? Look at what happened. To do the right thing we have to know what’s truthfully happening and what truthfully is happening is America is disintegrating before our eyes. Let’s imagine something better to build on it’s ashes.

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