It’s Becoming A Simple Matter Of Self-Defense

They will take your healthcare. They will take your kids healthcare. They will dump coal ash in your water. They will pump fracking poison into your water. They will trap your children into student loan debt slavery. They will start wars you want no parts of and send your poorest children to fight and die for them. In short: They will bankrupt, enslave and poison you and your children, without the slightest hesitation. How long do we put up with this? How long?

And it looks like half of them are happy to work with a foreign government while they’re trying to undo you and your family and the planet we live on.

Trump Docs Leaked: Russian Money Trail Tied to McConnell, Cruz, Rubio, McCain, and RNC

Of course since this is a ‘democracy’ we could just vote them out… if they hadn’t gerrymandered the congressional districts; and restricted who can vote and when; and if they didn’t get truckloads of cash from their oligarch friends… It turns out they are constantly curtailing and restricting the importance of the vote. They are actively working to pervert the expression of the will of us, the governed.

So, when does this become a simple and obvious matter of self-defense?

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