Happy Mother’s Day From The For-Profit, Dog-Eat-Dog Economy

The Intercept ran this good article today:

Mother’s Day In An ICE Detention Center

And as bad and shameful as this is, it’s actually much more wide spread. The wide scale monetization of pain and suffering is the real shameful thing here. And the first group to have their pain and suffering exploited for profit? The most vulnerable, since they are the least able to fight back, and the most vulnerable are usually the women and children. Happy Mother’s Day from the Dog-Eat-Dog economy.

The big news this morning seems to be former DNI head James Clapper is pushing back and going on the attack against Trump. He’s saying Trump is attacking our institutions and the firing of Comey was another Russian victory.

Former DNI Clapper says Russia likely sees Comey’s firing as ‘another victory’

Clapper says Comey firing is a ‘victory’ for Russia

Agreed, but in keeping with the Big Picture theme today, it’s not just Trump who is attacking our institutions. It is the GOP writ large who is attacking our institutions, ‘internally’, as Clapper says. The GOP allow Trump to exist. The GOP is subverting our elections through gerrymandering and pouring unlimited money into them. The GOP is leading the charge to make everything, every transaction, primarily for-profit. The GOP has no concern with well-being, with the well-being of our country, of our most vulnerable, of the well-being of our democratic institutions. None. Trump is only the symptom. The GOP, the Right, they are the real enemies attacking our institutions, the real ‘internal’ enemy who Clapper is talking about.

This coming week may be an explosive one. We should keep our eye on the real enemy. Bill Palmer wrote a nice piece on Trump not being able to identify his real enemies. Let us not make that same mistake.

James Comey’s firing reveals Donald Trump’s true weakness: he doesn’t know who his enemies are

Here’s the related Axios piece:

Scoop: Trump, irked at cabinet and staff, mulls sweeping shake-up

And here’s a few other interesting pieces:

Dead Man Lying

Trump Tweeted Nine Times To Deleted Russian Accounts

Scandal Erupts After ‘Bloomberg News’ Links FBI Raid Directly To Trump Administration

Buckle Up and stay in the light, Sisters and Brothers.

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