The GOP Has Turned Into A Criminal Enterprise

Their leader, Trumpy the Nuclear-Armed-Jackass is obviously insane. Every day that passes now that they pretend otherwise is a dangerous criminal act. Most of the party should be rounded up and face the exact kind of severe prison sentences that they love to dish out to others.

Trump Posts Bizarre Poem-Tweet During Saturday Afternoon Mental Collapse

Trump is almost supernatural in his multivariate unfitness, combining combustible levels of ignorance, amorality, venality and mental imbalance in a way not seen even when Richard Nixon drank alone.–Francis Wilkinson, Bloomberg

He Shows He Is Unfit. Yet He’s Still the President.

At some point, if they continue down this path– ignoring naked corruption and insanity so they can continue to pillage the country, at some point there will be a violent backlash. I’m not pushing for that, or threatening that– I’m making a pretty elementary prediction. The sun will probably rise in the east tomorrow and if you screw over enough people for long enough they will, eventually, kick your ass.

How long do you think people are going to put with this kind of open war against their own interests and their local political systems?

Billionaires pour millions into buying Los Angeles school board seat for Betsy DeVos agenda

The clock is ticking, and jackass Trump has sped it up.

Impeachment Is Not Enough

The GOPers are playing with fire and it doesn’t look like they can stop themselves. At some point their will be an explosion.


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