Completely Sane, With Some Exceptions

The GOPers must be proud of themselves because they are supporting and defending some real off-the-rails, dangerous insanity.

Trumpy the National Embarrassment sent Senator Graham a letter from his lawyer, a “certified letter”, not just a normal letter, stating that Trumpy wasn’t taking any money from the Russians. And “no” money means just what it says, with some exceptions.

Trump to send senator a letter asserting no business connections to Russia

And you know this is a top shelf law firm because the Russians gave them an award:

Chambers & Partners Names Morgan Lewis as Russia Law Firm of the Year

Here’s one of the best headlines I’ve seen in a while:

Trump threatens press, FBI, and democracy itself — all before breakfast

I can almost remember a time when waking up to presidential criminal insanity was not normal.

Trump Shows Signs Of Mental Illness While Blaming Democrats For His Russia Collusion

The FBI appears to be getting ready to drop a Mother Of All Bombs right on team Trump’s head.

Six FISA warrants Granted In Russiagate Case

And, who does this?

Trump Just Hung The Most Disgusting Decoration In The White House

Here’s a fun essay that may help take the edge off this hurricane of madness:

Allow Me, a Simple English Major, to Decode FBI Director Comey’s Goodbye Letter

Oh, and look, it’s almost time for the daily press briefing. What new levels of hell and insanity will we descend to today?

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