The Failed State Of America Round-Up

Around 40% of the razor-sharp citizens of this failed state thought Donald Trump was a great idea. Most of them still do and would vote for him again today.

The political party that Trump leads will look the other way in the face of wholesale fraud and corruption; they will even look the other way when it is screamingly obvious that a hostile foreign government is attacking the very foundation of our ‘democracy’– and they will keep looking the other way just so long as they can deliver more of the country’s wealth to those who are already obscenely rich.

Wow, top-tier, genius level citizens and a political party that puts the well-being of the nation before all else– Yea, that would be a nice place live. It’s not the America that’s happening right now though– but it would be a nice place. The America that’s happening right now, in front of our eyes, is a failing state, and it’s real, real easy to see why. The biggest question is, actually, how the hell did it last so long  in this condition?

Remember, 40% or so of your fellow citizens think this is a good idea:

One of the two political parties in this failed state will happily put up with all this solely so they can make the rich richer and the poor poorer. America has had this coming for some time.

Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings

Trump makes it clear: Trumpcare is all about tax cuts for the rich

Trump Once Again Invites Questions And Doubts About His Stability

Russian money laundering through a Trump Casino? Your elected GOP representative is cool with that, again, so long as he or she can give the Koch brothers a larger slice of the pie.

FBI executes search warrants at GOP consulting firm with lobbying ties to casino industry

Annapolis firm raided by FBI today has connection to Donald Trump’s money laundering Taj Mahal casino

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Voter Suppression

Don’t ever ask: What happened to America? The answer to that question has been yelling at us since Reagan’s inauguration. Arrogant stupidity and greed happened to America, it’s that obvious and simple.


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