Rumblings Of A Vicious Blow-Back

Once again we applaud the work of Bill Palmer at Palmer Report. He’s been consistently ahead of the curve. I’ve been seeing these intel credible sources tweeting today as well. like this cryptic one from John Schindler: “The Lizard is coming. Like I promised. Tomorrow.”

Political experts and insiders say Donald Trump’s Russia scandal will hit the fan within days

In addition to the ominous tweets and rumblings from credible intel insiders and sources the Washington Post ran a piece about the dark and threatening mood inside the FBI. Here’s RawStory’s version:

Trump ‘essentially declared war on the FBI’ by firing Comey and can expect a response ‘in kind’

I found this tweet about a dirty Trump leak from intel insider Malcolm Nance particularly interesting: “My guess is it will originate in Europe & be irrefutable. Standby”

Standby indeed.

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