Eye Of The Storm

It seems like there’s an anxious quiet while everyone digests what exactly is happening, while blasting nearby high ranking government officials, like the Vice President and Deputy Press Secretary, spout insane and easily verifiable lies. Blatant, naked lies.

White House officials rush to defend timing of Trump firing Comey, as reports of Trump’s anger with FBI Chief emerge

White House spokeswoman denies that James Comey was fired due to Russia investigation

Remember the good old days when being a patriot meant protecting the United States from hostile foreign nations? There was a time when ‘patriots’ would have sought to retaliate against an enemy who tried to take over our government. Now a days the GOPers who control the government run from questions about the Russian hack of our election and threaten journalists.

Staffers protect Snowflake Paul Ryan: Reporters can’t ask questions and better not ‘shout’ any

Mitch McConnell Runs Away And Refuses To Talk About Trump’s Firing Of James Comey

McConnell joins Trump and Sessions in trying to cover-up Russian hack

Comey’s Firing Is the Moment of Truth for the GOP

If we do manage to survive this, these GOPers need to be in prison cells along with the rest of the traitors.

And this goes on while the Russian Foreign Minister is in the White House mocking the FBI Director’s firing.

Top Russian Diplomat To Press: “He was fired?”

See, it’s funny because not only did he probably know about the firing before anyone in the American government, but his government might have even “suggested” it. See, the fake surprise, it’s funny, right?

‘President Putin can fire anybody’: Federal official says Comey ouster is absolutely about Russia

The level of treasonous behavior here is breathtaking.

BOOM: FBI admits ‘active, ongoing investigation’ includes Trump’s call for Russia to hack Hillary Clinton

Department Of Justice Just Confirmed That The FBI Is Investigating Trump Himself

Sessions breaks promise to recuse himself from Russia investigation

Source close to Comey says there were 2 reasons the FBI director was fired

Trump advisers at heart of Russia probe celebrate Comey’s firing

We’re almost through the eye. It’ll get real ugly then.

Here’s video of Senator Franken laying it out very succinctly:

And here’s video of Sinead O’Connor singing an old Irish war song, the time seems right:


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