French Toast Round-UP

We’ve been spared the horrors of another Putin backed fascist taking France. Amen.

Emmanuel Macron Vanquishes Marine Le Pen to Become President of France

Here’s a very disturbing trend: Using the RICO Act or criminal enterprise laws against activists and protesters:

Oklahoma governor signs anti-protest law imposing huge fines on conspirator organizations

Mafia Law Used Against Environmentalists for Tree Sits, Civil Disobedience

It’s becoming a popular trend on Right and with big corporate interests. I tend to think that a lot of these tactics should be turned around and used on the government and corporate entities themselves, as soon as they set a precedent with using these laws in this way.

The corruption in Trumpland is so extensive and over the top that it’s easy to get desensitized to it, but Jared and the Kushner clan seem to process special talents that make them stand out, even in the highly competitive world of Trump Administration Corruption.

New documents reveal Trump’s son-in-law’s secret partnership with Goldman Sachs

Family Crime Wave Grows As Trump In Laws Caught Selling US Visas To Wealthy Chinese Investors

These guys have zero shame. They’re just flat-out selling vistas.

And here’s an interesting postcard from the crossroads where Trump corruption and Russian treason meet:

Eric Trump Just Got Caught Sharing Secrets About Russia And His Dad

The multiple low level peripheral wars the US is now involved in seem to be heating up a bit. Another SEAL was killed, this time in the African Theater.

Navy SEAL Killed, 2 SEALS Wounded in Somalia Gunfight

The Trump spirit of nasty racist insanity grows bolder.

Woman Explodes Into Anti-Muslim Freak Out In Trader Joe’s; Video Viral Instantly

And here’s just a good essay on the contradictions among the classic Trump supporters. One of them is getting played as a chump, and I think we all know who that will be. Remember, you can’t cheat an honest man, so…

View From the Panhandle—Donald Trump’s Waterloo


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