Poverty Is A Pre-Existing Condition

If you’ve ever spent any time in a “low-income” area here in America you may have noticed that the natives are, well, not looking so good. They are unhealthy. They are beat up and just not looking so good. Their healthcare, if they have any, is over-priced crap. If they have insurance they’ll probably spend most of their healthcare time dealing with billing departments. They will probably get sick at some point. However that goes it will be expensive to deal with, whether they pay for it or not.

The Righties don’t like the idea of community. Not at all. They see the world as “Us” and “Them”. ‘Pay for your own damn insurance’ is pretty much their attitude. But, whether they like the idea of community or not– much like the idea of gravity– whether you like it or not, it is there. And “We”, “Us”, the community, pays for this expensive and cruel stupidity.

But the GOPers have a solution to deal with the expense of poor people getting sick: Cut programs for poor people to cover the shortfall. Hell, cut Head Start and school lunch programs to make up the difference, and plus, by doing that you lay a solid foundation for future poor, sick people.

Being poor in America is a very serious preexisting condition. Take the residents of Flint, Michigan. The GOPers take over the state and decide to save a few bucks by poisoning the water for the poor people of Flint. It wasn’t even easy to prove that state was poisoning their children. It took some doing. And whether you believe in the idea of community or not, you now have a situation where the state has poisoned a bunch of kids. Oh, and the water is still poisonous. Oh, and if you don’t pay your water bill you will be evicted or your home foreclosed on.

So, in America if you have the preexisting condition of poverty the state can poison you and your kids and then bill you for the poison.

Thousands of Flint Residents Are Facing Eviction For Failing to Pay for Water That’s Literally Poisonous

Yea, being poor in America is deadly.

But what if you’re rich in America? Well, there’s the case of Robert Mercer. His company got a tax bill for $7 billion, which is a lot of money. Of course his hedge fund found a way to game international capital markets, so that $7 billion is just a fraction of the profits he made for producing… wait for it… For producing algorithms that exploit vulnerabilities in global capital markets. Great. The world is a much better place because of the things Robert Mercer has produced.

Not even in a dream.

The thing is Robert Mercer doesn’t want to pay that tax bill. And believe me, no one is going to poison Robert Mercer’s kids, or take away any of his mansions or, any one of his several giant yachts. Nope, that ain’t going to happen. Instead Mercer decided to buy a political party to lower his tax bill. Hell, $7 billion is a lot of money. You could spend $6 billion buying a government that would reduce your bill to under a billion, and you’d still be ahead. Mercer is a big giver to Rightwing Brietbart, and the main cash cow  behind President Trump. So, the guy has given us exploitive algorithms and Donald freakin’ Trump. There is a special corner of hell waiting for Robert Mercer, I have no doubt.

Billionaire Robert Mercer did Trump a huge favor. Will he get a payback

Robert Mercer is 70 years old. The guy has been walking around planet earth for 7 decades and is, by all accounts, something of a genius. But he has got zero happening in the wisdom department. He has learned nothing for all his years on this planet.

A system that operates this way is a time bomb. And Robert Mercer has helped rig it to explode. He should probably pray, without ceasing, that the American community,writ large, doesn’t wake-up, or him and people like him… Well, their money will not help them then.

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