The Clown Declares May Day “Loyalty Day”

The savage tribes of Europe were celebrating the beginning of Spring long before they were Christianize. May 1st became the May Day holiday celebrated throughout Europe. Everyone was off work on May 1st. In the early 1900’s the labor unions pushing for socialism started making the May Day holiday their own and so it became International Workers Day.

Now Trumpy the Clown wants to make it a day of loyalty to his fetal authoritarian rule. Hahaha.

Trump proclaims May 1 as ‘Loyalty Day’

Trumpy and the GOPers are going to pay dearly for their jackassery. But before we can make them pay we have to survive it.

Authoritarianism expert on surviving Trump’s next 100 days: ‘Forget your hopes’ — get ready to fight

This Maddow interview with Vladimir Kara-Murza is something that anyone who is seriously committed to fighting the fascists/authoritarian Right should watch. This is what the Russian Resistance is going through. They are committed with their lives.

Russian pro-democracy movement resists Putin’s oppression

Stay in the light Sisters and Brothers.

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