100 Days Down The Rabbit Hole

Lies, Russians and embarrassing incompetence. That’s what we’re writing on the tombstone of Trumpy’s first 100 days of abomination.

This praising Kim Jong-un– add this to the Trumpy psych-profile– Serious Daddy Issues. He identifies with Kim:

Trump praises North Korean dictator from the Oval Office while his administration prepares for war

Here’s some good news, though: After 100 days we are still here, and the Resistance is hardening and growing:

Protest takes on Trump’s climate policies — and the heat — in DC march

And the Trump AND GOP treason of Russiagate is continuing to come into focus for all to see:

Breaking: House intel Democrat tells Chris Matthews he has seen “evidence of collusion”

UK spy documents: Trump Organization paid Russian hackers who took orders from Putin

GOP candidate has financial ties to US-sanctioned Russian companies

Schumer: If White House interferes in Russia probe, it is ‘possibly criminal’

Did this convicted Russian pedophile help meddle in the U.S. elections?

Nevertheless We persisted.

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