This piece from The Daily Beast by Rick Wilson is worth the read.

White House Death Match: Plutocrats vs. Racists

Rick is a GOP strategist but he’s smart and credible. He’s worth following on twitter too– @TheRickWilson.

Trumpy continues to give dangerous and incomprehensible interviews. Having the POTUS casually threaten “major, major conflict” is always good for the world’s psyche and emotional wellbeing.

Donald Trump warns of ‘major, major conflict’ with North Korea

Trumpy’s sense of irony, like his sense of empathy, is nonexistent:

Trump picked an unfortunate day to tout how ethical his administration has been

Speaking of shady ethics, the bad-smelling inauguration fund just got worse. The $500k from a Venezuelan oil company was bad enough by its self, but it’s looking like it may track back to… You guessed: Russia! Because everything tracks back to Russia these days.

Experts Just Uncovered A $500k Gift From Russia To Trump

Our Dakota Access Pipeline friends are busy degrading the environment, I mean, ‘creating jobs’, in Ohio. What difference does 2 million gallons of toxicity in your kid’s water supply matter if you have a job? Wait…

Company behind Dakota Access Pipeline spills over 2 million gallons of drilling fluids into Ohio wetlands

On a lighter note– Trumpy’s fascist ‘Report Bad Aliens’ hotline is being swamped with reports of extraterrestrial abduction. If you’ve had a close encounter yourself that number is: 1-855-48-VOICE

Trump’s Immigrant Crime Hotline Overrun With Calls About (Extraterrestrial) Aliens

Trump’s Immigrant Crime Hotline Trolled

I think all decent Americans may need to read this article right about now:

If You Are the Target of Narcissistic Abuse

And here’s a beautiful video of big wave suffering in Portugal just because:





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