America May Have To Divide– Time To Call The Divorce Lawyer

96% of Trump voters would vote for him again today. That’s a big chunk of the country who thinks this is all A-Okay. There’s another large chunk of the country that is, maybe something more than, anxious right now. Those two chunks of the country are like oil and water.

And the pro-Trump chunk seems to be fine with an economic system that treats corporations and the rich as privileged citizens. The pro-Trump chunk of the country seems to be alright with exploiting our children and either consigning them to poverty or massive debt burdens when it comes to getting a critical higher education. They seem to be fine with all this, so long as black and brown people get an even worse deal.

Corporations used racism to destroy the middle class and turn the US into a developing nation

Do we really even want to be together any longer? I don’t. This is a toxic, abusive relationship. I want out. The present government has been taken over by big money greed and bigots. I say let them have their own country and run it however they see fit, and let the rest of us go try to make something better, something more human. It’s getting to be time.

Young People Want Radical Change—Survey Blows the Lid off Right-Wing and Corporate Economic Propaganda




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