A Hundred Days Of ‘Their ass is on fire all day, every day.’

I love this quote from an unnamed White House correspondent. There has been other reporting on Trump’s comm. shop. Sounds like a fun place to work, if you like living in a state of ‘ass on fire’.

‘Their ass is on fire all day’: Trump’s White House press office has no idea what the president is doing

In France the Trump-like, Putin endorsed candidate, Le Pen, advances to a run-off election on May 7th. If she wins the global Trumpian de-construction will continue to spread.

Le Pen faces Macron in final round of French presidential election

How Russia hacked the French election

And Trumpy seems to want to play Russian roulette with a government shut-down in five days.

Trump push for border wall threatens to cause government shutdown

On the never-ending corruption front, Trump’s organized crime, former business partners are having a slap fight in court and Trumpy may get dragged into it:

Here’s a little tidbit about Mr. Arif from Alternet:

In October 2010, Turkish news outlets headlined the arrest of Arif and five other men for alleged involvement in a prostitution ring following a raid on a yacht once used by the country’s founder. Police stormed the 136-meter luxury yacht Savarona after a seven-month investigation. They also detained 10 Ukrainian and Russian women.

Arif had rented the yacht at a daily rate of $50,000, according to Turkish news reports. Arif denied all charges, saying he had only been entertaining friends aboard the Savarona. Nine of the women were deported, and Arif was later acquitted.

Sounds like a fun guy:

Trump’s Organized Crime Ties Bring Blackmail to the White House

Publicity Over Dispute by Former Trump Partners Could Tarnish President, One Warns

“Clearly, if this matter between Mr. Sater and Mr. Arif escalates to public litigation, the media spotlight will be negatively cast on Mr. Arif and his past relationship with President Trump and the Republic of Kazakhstan,” the attorney wrote.

Note the Kazakhstan connection. This thing keeps popping up as an Iranian money laundering operation. It’s starting to look like one of Trumpy’s lucrative sidelines has been being a stooge for money launderers.

Here’s two pieces from The Palmer Report on the subject:

Donald and Ivanka Trump’s phony Baku Azerbaijan hotel was front for Iranian money laundering

Report: foreign intel has incriminating recordings of multiple members of Donald Trump family

And here’s video of a flying car because we all need a flying car right about now:



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