White Trash Celebrities And Naked Corruption Round-Up

Sarah Palin has finally became the smartest person in the room.

This display of Beverly Hillbilly solidarity is all very confidence inspiring, and God knows we need confidence in our government right now with major international military tensions rising all around.

How Did the Trump Administration Lose an Aircraft Carrier?

Well, at least Trump has taken the time to understand the complicated historical situations in the places he’s losing and wasting expensive American military assets, right?

Trump Roasted By South Korean News For Saying Korea Is Part Of China (VIDEO)

Okay, but at the very, very least the “America First” Trump must be basing foreign policy decisions on a good faith concern for what is in the best interests of the American people writ large, right?

Trump’s billionaire adviser stands to gain from policies he helped shape

But what the hell is mercenary Erik Prince doing hanging around the Trump cabal and Russian oligarchs? Now that could make a reasonable person a little nervous:

Prince and his family have had a long association with Vice President Mike Pence, however, through mutual religious and political affiliations based on a militant theocratic worldview. Prince and his sister Betsy DeVos, now the secretary of education, were big donors to Trump’s campaign. Considering that Trump’s knowledge of world affairs can barely fill a shot glass, seeing Prince among his inner circle of advisers is unnerving to say the least.

How much do we know about Blackwater founder Erik Prince — and his secretive role in shaping Trump’s foreign policy?

The details of this investigation are astonishing. According to Scahill and Cole, as recently as January Prince was working on this mercenary project, which includes alleged money laundering for the Libyan government through a Chinese investment bank. The source with close knowledge of Prince’s activities told the Intercept, “If Erik is fucking around with the Chinese, I don’t even want to imagine what the U.S. government is thinking about.” This is the same time period during which, according to The Washington Post, Prince met with a representative of Russian President Vladimir Putin to establish a secret back channel of communication with President Trump. He’s a busy guy.

No, that doesn’t sound good at all.

Hopefully the US military, despite Trump’s stooge level leadership, will do the right thing. Yes?

U.S. Bombed A Mosque In Syria Killing Dozens Of Civillians

Never mind. Just never mind.

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