Global Jackassery– Fascist Protesters

We put up a piece about American’s militant Left, or Antifa, recently. Other outlets have also been writing about antifa and the pro-Trump, or fascist protesters.

This Alternet piece is very good and looks at how the fascists are viewing the recent street battle in Berkeley:

Pro-Trump Rioters Just Got Their Best Recruitment Tool Yet

The Mother Jones piece by Shane Bauer is excellent and Bauer has been doing top-tier work on the subject. We commend him:

I Went Behind the Front Lines With the Far-Right Agitators Who Invaded Berkeley

I think it’s important to remember that this is not a local American issue. Fascist authoritarians are on the offense globally. The street violence between the fascist government supporters and the Left has become a global phenomenon.

French Police Use Teargas Against Anti-Fascists at Le Pen Rally

The tactics are identical. The Right, or fascists, are organized and often seem to be better prepared to fight, but an authentic, angry backlash tends to follow:

White nationalist Richard Spencer riles Auburn campus; three arrested

But where there’s already an authoritarian government in place the Left protesters will get stomped, first by the street level supporters and then by the police. And then they are arrested.

The American Left should learn this lesson quickly and be ready for the escalation. It will come.

What happened in the Ukraine is instructive. Their president, Viktor Yanukovych, was also a Putin puppet. In 2014 the protests against Yanukovych’s government grew.

During these protests Yanukovych signed a treaty and multibillion-dollar loan with Russia. The Ukrainian security forces cracked down on the protesters, further inflaming the situation and resulting in a series of violent clashes in the streets of Kiev. As tensions rose, Yanukovych fled to Russia and did not return.

2014 Ukrainian revolution

Ukraine’s revolution: Making sense of a year of chaos


Keep in mind, what started as a government corrupted by the Russians,  led to serious protests, the protests ended up leading to full blown war.

Will the low level violence in protests now happening in America escalate to something more serious? I think that depends on a lot of variables like– Will the Trump Administration collapse because of Russiagate or some outrageous act of corruption? Or will Trump get us into a war? Or, what if there is a terrorist attack that Trump uses to consolidate power?  Etc. But the Left should get it’s head around the very serious nature of the present protests and the fact that this is something that has been playing out in other countries. And there is the very real possibility of intense and rapid escalation.

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