The Invisible Hand Of The Kleptocracy

If you work real hard, say for the Walton family, who have a combined wealth of around $200 billion dollars, you might still need food stamps to feed your family. The kleptocrats won’t like that. They’ll probably make you piss in a cup to prove you’re on the up and up, and to humiliate you for not working harder. You’ll have to monetize everything that’s sacred and important to you to survive. The earth, the ocean, the air, the water– your most important relationships– it will all have to be based on cash if you want to live. You’ll have to work overtime to afford paying for someone to watch your kids while you’re working overtime. You’ll probably live in a neighborhood where you’ll regularly see the homeless surviving in abject poverty– they’ll be a reminder to you that you are, at best, half a paycheck away from joining them.

Welcome to the American Dream, Sparky.

During his campaign Trumpy The Bait-And-Switch-Clown vilified the Chinese without pause. They were currency manipulators; climate change  hoaxers; trade cheaters.

But then this happened:

Donald Trump’s Chinese Trademarks Now Part of Emoluments Lawsuit

Kushner Family Stands to Get $400 Million from a Chinese Firm in ‘Unusually Favorable’ Deal

Ivanka Trump awarded trademark approval in China, dines with Chinese president at Mar-a-Lago

The kleptocrats are A-Okay with the Chinese now.

You, on the other hand, are going to have to pay this month’s rent with a high interest credit loan, and you better damn well do it before you head down to the for-profit drug testing lab so you can get that $50 in food stamps– unless, of course, you’d rather live in a cardboard box…

The Chinese aren’t giving average American serfs any trademark deals, Sugar.

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