Nuclear-Winter and Russiagate-Arrests Are Running Neck And Neck Down The Stretch

This could be a photo finish.

Tomorrow the North Koreans will be throwing a big party, The Day Of The Sun they call it, a birthday party for Kim Il Sung, founder of North Korea.

April 15 is officially known in North Korea as “The Day of the Sun” and marks the birthday of the founder of North Korea, Kim Il Sung, in 1912. (Incidentally, he was born on the same day that the Titanic sank.) –Washington Post

No one would be surprised if they blast a nuclear weapon to mark the occasion. Meanwhile Trumpy the Jackass has sent an aircraft carrier strike group to the peninsula.

The Chinese are simultaneously mocking Trumpy and warning about the possibility of devastating war.

China urges North Korea and US to step back from brink of war

Chinese Media Can’t Stop Making Fun Of Donald Trump

And, this is interesting, Trumpy has sent VP Mike Pence off to South Korea on the 15th. You have to wonder what Trumpy has against Pence.

Mike Pence heads to South Korea Saturday amid North Korea tensions

And while Pence is within North Korean artillery range, Trumpy is already, as we speak, on the links in Mar-A-Largo.

As North Korea brews, Trump again in Mar-a-Lago

While this is all going on the Russiagate story picks up steam and weirdness everyday. Here’s some weirdness– Russian backed Ukrainians giving fat wads of cash to sleazy American preachers? What to make of this?

Caught Our Eye Ukrainian MP paying pro-Trump foreign agent

Predictions that Trumpy is going down soon are picking up:

Professor who predicted Trump’s election says he’ll be impeached before 2018 — by Republicans

Constitutional Lawyer & Journalist Predict First W.H. Arrests To Take Place Next Week

Well, let’s hope so. And pray that arrests start happening before Trumpy starts playing with nukes, that’d be good.

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