The Democratic Party May Want To Get It’s Shit Together… Yesterday

Even with the Russian attacks on our political system the Democratic Party shouldn’t have lost the election. Really. But now with Trumpy the Jackass in charge and the GOPers controlling the whole government, where their idiocy, naked greed and incompetence will be on glaring display, now the Democratic Party has a moral obligation to get their shit together. Real fast.

The special election in Kansas may have been a heavy lift given how red the state has become, but the Democrats need to start fighting for every inch of ground. This is war. The GOPers have been viewing the situation as total war for a long time now and the Dems need to get that and get it fast. And on top of that Governor Brownback of Kansas has seriously injured the state. They should have fought all out for the seat.

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Here’s some suggestions for the Democratic Party moving forward:

  1. Form and run a shadow government or government in waiting while the GOPers are in control. Demonstrate that they can sanely govern and offer solutions to all crisis and screw-ups the GOPers create.
  2. Keep preaching exactly what their policies are in contrast to what the GOPers are attempting to push through. For example– During the healthcare debate the Dems should clearly state that not only do they oppose the repeal/replace shenanigans, but they support a single payer system, etc.
  3. Take ambitious stands on the big issues: Dems should loudly state in a unified way, that they will push for a constitutional amendment to end the absurd fiction of corporate personhood and to remove the corruption of big money from our politics. The Dems should take a bold stand on climate change and changing our energy policy to support the move to sustainable clean sources.
  4. The Dems should be screaming about economic justice and fairness, and changing our economic policies with the stated goal of more equitable system. Period. Again and again. This is a huge winner and one that the Dems too often ignore.
  5. And one more thing– The Dems may want to study the Women’s March movement to see how a real grassroots, organic, activist political operation works.

There’s just a few suggestions. The Democratic Party is the natural place for the resistance to work from, and the inheritor of the government when the GOPers blow-up the boiler (again), so they really do have a moral obligation to get their shit together, real fast, and prepare themselves to hit the ground running if there is anything left to govern when Trump and the GOPers are done, and they (we) need to be ready yesterday.


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