‘It’s Passover So Let’s Deny The Holocaust’ and other Team Trump Favorites

Rachel Maddow explains Sean Spicer:

‘Talking is hard’: In brutal takedown, Rachel Maddow says it’s clear Sean Spicer can’t ‘handle this’

Even Rightwing RedState is getting very concerned:

Infinite War: Trump Sends An Armada Towards North Korea, Even As North Korea Threatens Nuclear Retaliation

Two madmen start playing chicken, what happens? Looks like we’re about to find out.

North Korea issues warning as US strike group heads to Korean Peninsula

It’s been quiet on the Russiagate front. The FBI broke the silence with a big bomb leak today. This has got to be making Trumpy crazy(er). They had a FISA warrant on Carter Page because he was acting like a Russian agent. That’s big.

FISA Warrant Bombshell Amps Up Calls For Special Prosecutor To Immediately Investigate Trump

Trump Leveled By Tuesday Night FBI/FISA Warrant Bombshell

And here’s a strange undercurrent story. The anti-LGBT stance of the authoritarian Right is seriously advancing. This is disturbing trend and it needs to be called out, have a light shined on it and opposed:

This guy was involved in Bush-era purge of gay employees: Now he works on Trump’s team

The UK, US and Germany have called on Russia to investigate a gay purge

Two more tidbits. Is this the Russians hacking the NSA? Whoever it is they’re very good and very dangerous. I like the Russians for it:

Mysterious group posts more alleged NSA hacking tools; Russia link suspected

And Trumpy is speaking his Judas code about Bannon– “I hardly know the guy…” Odds look good Steve-o is about to get the shiv.

Donald Trump may have just tipped off that Steve Bannon is a Trump-Russia conspirator



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