Careening Koched-Up Hacker Round-Up


The FBI has been rounding up Russian hackers for some time now. There seems to be a quickening global dragnet happening.

 Arrests have ranged from Finland to Thailand, as agents caught members of Russian hacking organizations which stand accused of exploiting weaknesses in our internet security protocols and of spreading disinformation, propaganda, and fake news throughout North America.

U.S. sweeping up Russian hackers in a broad global dragnet

Accused Russian hacker Pyotr Levashov was arrested on April 9 in Spain is the most recent that we know of. This has been going on for some time though.

Russian Hacker Busted in Spain Latest in Global U.S. Roundup

Even back in October there were signs that this was happening.

This has got to be making the Trumpistas nervous.

And despite Team Trumps foul smelling Syrian missile strike gambit, Trumpy’s numbers don’t seem to be moving.

Post-Syria Strike Trump Approval Ratings Are In — WH Freak-Out Imminent (STATS)

Rachel Maddow isn’t following the rest of the media down the Syrian rabbit hole. She continues to lead with laser-like focus on the Russian story.

Rachel Maddow Refuses To Be Distracted By Trump’s Syria Stunt, Keeps Connecting Russian Dots

The radical capitalists appear to be trying to all come together with Trumpy. The Koch boys were found out to have had a meeting with Trumpy the Clown at rich-boy-safe-space Mar-A-Lago this last weekend.

Trump meets the billionaire twin mega-donor Koch brothers at Mar-a-Lago after series of clashes in past

For profit mercenary and devout Christian, Erik Prince of Blackwater fame, has vehemently denied meeting with high ranking Russians on Trump’s behalf, but now he’s ‘adjusting’ his story. Oh, those Christians– when they’re not killing for profit they’re lying their asses off.

Erik Prince downplays his meeting with Putin he previously denied

Trumpy the Dayglo Clown thinks the Syrian strike and getting Gorsuch on the Supreme Court are ‘wins’. Sad. The Syrian strike is a flagrant punk move and Gorsuch will be a generational reminder of the morally bankrupt Republican Party. The thieves shamelessly stole the seat. His corporate shill decisions will continue to undermine people’s faith in the government and continue to remind all of the GOPer’s malignant nature. These aren’t ‘wins’.

Trump seeks momentum after Syria strike, Supreme Court win

And then Trumpy had his communication shop try to “re-brand” Trump’s first 100 days to accentuate his wins. Oh boy. The Trump communications shop sounds like a special needs pre-school class.

Trump’s Staffers Leak White House’s PATHETIC Effort To Rebrand; What They Said Will SHOCK You (DETAILS)

White House ‘rebranding’ effort flops with staffers: ‘Made me feel like I was back in 5th grade’

Here, we’ll help them:

A Hundred Days Of Hell

Well, at least the Third World War hasn’t started, yet:

BREAKING: China Deploys 150,000 Troops In Response To Trump; Here We Go

Here’s a link to Keith Olbermann’s latest: The Media Fell for Trump’s Syria Stunt

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