Trump Snivels That He Inherited A Mess, Promises To Fix With War And Looting

Trumpy can’t stop sniveling about how bad he got it. Worse than the economic meltdown that Dubya handed Obama, at least that’s what the delusional think.

The den of vipers that is the White House has broken out into open warfare between the predatory capitalist wing of Kushner and friends, and the apocalyptic national socialists wing of Bannon and buddies (that wing includes the poisonous and dangerously rich Mercer Clan). Bannon is off the the National Security Council and Breitbart is publishing anti-Kushner stories. Maybe they’ll take a break from attacking Ryan, but the White House seems to be picking up the slack in attacking Ryan so it’s probably a net nothing.

Personally I can’t stand any of these people so… As long as there’s just a smoldering crater left where they all used to be standing– let them fight.

The coming war we wrote about yesterday– well, that didn’t take long. And who knows if they can, or even want to, contain military action once it starts. There seems to be a lot of people on Team Trump who want to go after Iran. And North Korea. And China.

America, she’s got a boat load of issues to deal with right now, but we can forget about all that until this lunacy is purged. For good. Just as a little reminder of just one, one little issue that we should be dealing with:

Living Under a Tarp Next to Facebook HQ: ‘I Don’t Want People to See Me’

There’s zero hope for these people while anyone from Team Trump, whether it be the predatory capitalist wing of Kushner, or the new age Nazis of Bannon, there is absolutely zero hope for these people while Team Trump, or the GOPers writ large, are anywhere near the levers of power.

Noam Chomsky: Trump Might Be a Disaster, but His Team Is Ready to Loot America

Update: Not long after this went up: U.S. Launches Missiles at Syrian Base After Chemical Weapons Attack

This Rachel Maddow video is an excellent assessment of the situation.


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