Russians… So Many Damn Russians…

First I have to give a shout-out to Bill Palmer at The Palmer Report. I encourage you to support this publication, They’re doing the kind of insightful and fearless work that is needed now more than ever. And they have been all over the various and, at times, complicated twists and turns of the Russiagate story.

Trump’s ties to Russian mobsters and Bankers and Intelligence Officers is deep.

Trump’s business network reached alleged Russian mobsters

The FBI seems to have been working the Russian Mob angle for some time now and they have started making arrests.

There WAS wiretapping at Trump Tower: FBI eavesdropped on Russian money-laundering ring that operated out of iconic skyscraper for two years

Russian Mafia Boss Still At Large After Trump Tower Tap

FBI arrests ten people in New York City with alleged ties to Donald Trump and Russian mafia

The Russians have been playing Team Trump, and playing them hard.

Russian spy brags about how he first recruited Donald Trump’s campaign adviser Carter Page

‘You get the documents’ and ‘tell him to go f*ck himself’: Russian spy claims Carter Page met with him to pass intel

And they may have tried to further compromise General Mike Flynn with a Russian female spy.

Michael Flynn invited female Russian operative Svetlana Lokhova to accompany him to Moscow

Michael Flynn: new evidence spy chiefs had concerns about Russian ties

And The Washington Post is reporting that Trump’s Secretary of Education, Besty Devos’ brother, Eric Prince, owner of notorious for-profit mercenary organization, Blackwater, met with Russian officials on Trump’s behalf just prior to the inauguration.

Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel

But as Palmer Report says, this may all come down to money laundering.

Donald Trump and Russia: follow the money laundering

Below is a link to Keith Olbermann’s podcast about Mikhail Kalugin, the Russian spy in American who was running the American election operation.

One thing I think Keith overlooks here, though, is Cambridge Analytica is actual the brainchild of our friend Robert Mercer. Bannon’s work with them is secondary.

Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media


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