Two Black Women Treated With Disrespect

Why is this okay? Why does Bill O’Reilly think it’s within bounds to ridicule someone’s looks? Anyone? And a black woman’s hair? It’s a racially loaded ridicule.

O’Reilly mocks Dem Maxine Waters for wearing ‘James Brown wig’

And why the hell does lie-machine Sean Spicer think he can tell any reporter– any reporter, to stop shaking their heads? Who the hell is Sean Spicer? Besides a known liar? Would he have done that to Major Garrett? I really doubt it.

Sean Spicer Gets Nasty With April Ryan

All good people should oppose this disgusting ‘othering’ of these women. ┬áSince they took over the government the Right has been disclosing more about who they really are and it appears to be quite revolting. No matter your own color or culture or identity, do not collude with the Right’s disgusting othering and ridiculing. Now is the time to band together. Circle the wagons around those who are attacked and call out the bastards who think this is okay. It’s not. It is seriously not okay. Bill O’Reilly should be fired and Sean Spicer should be asked about who can shake their heads during press conferences and who can’t. Attack the attackers.

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