The GOPer’s Russia First Policy

Devin Nunes, Chairman of the powerful House Intelligence Committee, and who also served on the Trump transition team, thought it would be a good idea to brief Trump on the state of the investigation. What could possibly be the problem with that? You have to wonder if he’s briefed Putin yet.

Devin Nunes Must Resign

Man Tasked With Investigating Trump’s Ties To Russia Makes Friendly Visit To White House

Ex-CIA Chief of Staff: Other House Intel Committee Members Likely ‘Horrified’ Over Nunes’ Actions

Top House Intel Democrat Responds to Devin Nunes: ‘Cannot Conduct a Credible Investigation This Way’

Ex-NSA Director Just Made A Prediction That Will Terrify Republican Leaders

You hope Nunes gave the White House enough information on what the Intelligence Committee has on Manafort so the White House can start working on a defense.

Paul Manafort Had Russian Contract

It’s starting to smell like the whole GOPer party is a treasonous enterprise.

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