The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

A thief and arsonist has set your house on fire. The congressional GOPers want to know who the hell called the fire department so they can throw him in jail.

In Trump country they are about to have their economic anxieties realized and doubled, by Trump and the GOPers. What’s their response?

Blake Yelverton of Ellaville, Georgia, doesn’t believe people deserve to have government-supplied health are. “It’s communism, socialism anyway,” he told the AJC.

That was said by a man who’s probably going to lose out when big government socialized healthcare recipients, members of the GOP, take his healthcare.

Trump Supporters in Rural Georgia Are Waking Up to the Cruelty of His Attack on Obamacare

Someone should explain to this guy that we already have socialism in this country. If you’re a billionaire professional sports team owner you can have the socialist government build you a sports stadium. That’s socialism, but only for the rich. You could be the CEO of Halliburton and then take a job as vice president, push for a completely optional war and then have your company rebuild the country you destroyed and get socialism that way, or take giant tax cuts or… well, there already is socialism in America, it’s just for the rich, though. The rich who bought the GOP and have brainwashed white middle class voters into defending their thieving. Mind blowing.

Almost as mind blowing as a whole political party willing to dive off a cliff defending an extremely dangerous and highly likely compromised and degenerate president rather than protect the future of the country. And for what? Tax cuts for the rich. Higher defense spending. And yanking necessary supports for the poor and middle class.

There will be no new stadiums for the rich if this thing crashes. Halliburton will not be paid to rebuild America if they continue down this path.  The thief is in the house now and the blasé attitude is more frightening than the thief at this point.

Trump would be wise to negotiate a resignation before his presidency is fatally wounded

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