More Socialism For The Rich And The Stolen Supreme Court Seat

The GOPers stole the Garland seat. If they want to instal Gorsuch in the stolen seat they should do it on their own. No Democratic help. We will remember the collaborator’s names. Worse, even if it wasn’t a stolen seat Gorsuch seems to be a corporate personhood shill, cut and dried. As a nation, that’s an idea that needs to die a sudden death, not be given a life time appointment.

Why Neil Gorsuch Is a Dream Justice for Right-Wing Ideologues

Senators Just Uncovered Damning Emails Exposing Gorsuch As A Republican ‘Loyalist’

Warren: Delay Gorsuch vote because of Russia investigation

Sen. Al Franken brands Gorsuch a partisan and ‘absurd’

Sen. Franken Presses Gorsuch On Garland Snub

The Rich Pay Fewer Taxes Than the Poor, and Get More Services

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