Radical Capital Terrorists

The Radical Capital Terrorists who now control the US government are doing more harm to the country than the Jihadist Terrorists could ever dream of achieving. Now, emboldened by their victory, they openly say that protecting the weak and poor is unprofitable according to their radical, extremists beliefs, so the weak will be sacrificed:

Trump’s Budget Director: Feeding the elderly and children is ‘not showing any results’

The only god the Radical Capital Terrorists worships is profit and cash. Period.

How a private water company brought lead to Pittsburgh’s taps

Humans, indeed, life in general, in all forms, only has value in relation to how it  can be exploited for profit. Theirs is, in the end, a religion of Death.

Global warming denier James Inhofe says the Environmental Protection Agency is “brainwashing our kids”

“Oh, I know that”: President Trump shrugs off the devastating impact repealing Obamacare will have on his base

Climate disaster: Trump’s budget targets the Earth

Donald Trump proposes huge EPA budget cut to stop environment agency researching climate change

Fox Host on Trump Budget: “More killing, less Kermit”

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